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Iconic Andy's Pizza bids farewell after 54 years

Beloved restaurant shifts focus to frozen pizzas and catering, leaving a culinary legacy in its wake


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A beloved Nicosia restaurant, Andy's Pizza, renowned for its 54-year legacy, will close its doors as of March 1, transitioning into a new chapter.

Nestled on Griva Digeni Avenue, atop the Pediaion bridge, Andy's Pizza has been a culinary cornerstone, serving four successive generations of Lefkosians. Originally established in the city center within the Chantecler building, the eatery, initially named Andy's Corner, was founded by the American uncle of the present owner, Michalis Avraamidis.

Transitioning to its current location prompted the rebranding to Andy's Pizza. Marios Avraamidis, the father of the current owner, steered the restaurant for three decades, from the 1970s to the early 2000s. For the last 25 years, Michael Avraamidis has helmed the establishment, embodying the essence of familial roots.

"The decision to close marks a pivotal moment for us. This restaurant is not just where we worked; it's where we were born and raised," shared Michael Avraamidis with WiZ.

When asked about the golden age of Andy's Pizza, Michael reminisces, "The peak was undoubtedly the 80s. Subsequently, the '90s saw an influx of major international franchises. In the early 2010s, we experienced a resurgence. Now, after 54 years, we feel it's time to streamline our focus and adopt more conventional hours. We will continue producing frozen pizzas for supermarkets, catering to party orders."

For those familiar with major Nicosia supermarkets, the sight of "Andy's Pizza" frozen pizzas in the refrigerated section is unmistakable. Among the popular varieties are the Special, Ham and Cheese, Greek, and Canadian, the latter catering to aficionados of spicier flavors. Michael shares that the Canadian recipe dates back to the 70s and was frequently ordered by Canadian peacekeepers.

As the 54-year restaurant cycle nears its close (delivery and takeaway services available until February 29), Michael reflects on the enduring recipe for success. "Beyond quality, the key ingredient is love. Whether kneading dough at 5 am or crafting recipes, without love, the magic is lost."

In a heartfelt message posted on Andy's Pizza's official channels, the restaurant expresses gratitude to loyal patrons and announces the shift in operations. Starting March 1, 2024, the restaurant will cease delivery/takeaway services while emphasizing the continued availability of their frozen pizzas in supermarkets. For catering and party orders, customers can reach out to the restaurant at 99689699.

The post concludes with a heartfelt expression of gratitude, promising to maintain the legacy by offering beloved products in supermarkets, with hopes for expansion throughout Cyprus.

This marks the end of an era for Andy's Pizza, yet its legacy will endure through frozen pizzas and catering services.


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