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Jet without wings promises NY-London flights in 4 hours

Supersonic jet redefines luxury travel with onboard suites

This spaceship-like aircraft promises to revolutionize the aviation industry with its unique ''wingless'' design, zero-emissions propulsion system, and other bespoke features. Penned by Spanish designer Oscar Viñal, the Sky OV supersonic hydrogen jet looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. According to its designer, the supersonic aircraft could transport up to 300 passengers and reach speeds up to 1,141mph (Mach 1.5). Just to put that into context, it’ll be capable of flying over double the speed of the current commercial jets, which will reduce the flight time between London and New York to less than five hours. Currently, the tiring transatlantic flight takes around eight hours.

Instead of featuring a fuselage with two big wings, the Sky OV supersonic jet features a delta design with the fuselage and the wings integrated into one big structure. As a result, the supersonic jet concept has significantly more cabin space than traditional commercial jets. Oscar also wants to redefine luxury air travel with his concept, which boasts the likes of bedrooms, suites, bathrooms, and even an in-flight chef. Talking about the private rooms, the designer said: “In the living room, you’ll find a leather double seat sofa complete with dining tables, a 32-inch flat screen TV, noise-cancelling headsets, a comfortable double bed, a full-height shower, vanity unit, bathrobes and an in-flight chef at your service.” The supersonic jet will also get individual spacious cabins complete with window blinds and a sliding door.

Oscar Viñal says the supersonic jet’s propulsion system will feature a delicate blend of hydrogen fuel and electric power, which will help the aircraft offer zero-emissions travel at supersonic speeds. Instead of traditional turbojets, the aircraft will be powered by something called a Hybrid PDE (Pulse Detonation Engine) along with a turbofan. It will also get a ‘magnetic levitation’ system to eliminate the need for fan blades. The wingless shape of the aircraft aims to reduce drag and “help to increase fuel economy.” Sadly, the Sky OV supersonic hydrogen jet is just a design concept at the moment. So, don’t expect it to take to the skies anytime soon.

[Source: Luxury Launches]


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