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Joseph Borghese receives 'Académico Honorario' title from Mexico

Recognized for his significant contributions as an influential entrepreneur and dedicated humanitarian

Press release

Joseph Borghese has been honored as the first Cypriot to receive the esteemed 'Académico Honorario' (Honorary Academic) title from Mexico. This prestigious distinction was conferred upon him by the renowned 'Academia Nacional de Historia y Geografía' in collaboration with the 'Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.'

Recognized for his significant contributions as an influential entrepreneur and dedicated humanitarian, Joseph's receipt of this award serves as a testament to his impactful endeavors in these spheres. This international recognition underscores the profound effect of his work and his commitment to global advancements.

During the official ceremony, in a symbolic gesture of respect, Ambassador Dr. Otto von Feigenblatt, Ed.D., Ph.D., graciously accepted the diploma and the medal, emblematic of this distinguished honor, on Joseph's behalf, highlighting the award's prestige and Joseph's esteemed standing in academic and diplomatic realms.

This award not only marks a personal triumph for Joseph Borghese but also represents a significant milestone for Cyprus, showcasing the country on an international platform. It celebrates Borghese's relentless pursuit of excellence and his influential role in driving forward humanitarian and entrepreneurial initiatives worldwide.

Beyond his humanitarian efforts, Joseph Borghese is a visionary entrepreneur. He is the Founder of Borghese Ventures Ltd and Hope For Children CRC Policy Center, Co-Founder of Pundi X 365, and Founder of FDI World, focusing on foreign direct investments in Africa, the Pacific, and the Caribbean. Passionate about lifelong learning, Borghese has a keen interest in the automation of financial decision-making through blockchain and AI-powered solutions. As a leading strategist and entrepreneur, he has brokered major partnership deals with top global companies and serves as the Strategic Innovation Advisor at G.C. Hadjikyprianou & Associates LLC, a boutique commercial law firm. His expertise spans innovation and fintech, strategic management, international business development, international relations, and diplomacy.

In 2019, Borghese was honored with the Cyprus Young Entrepreneur Award, further cementing his status as a prominent figure in business and innovation. He holds the position of His Majesty's Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Tonga and serves as the Treasurer of the Cyprus-Australian Business Association under the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry. These roles and accolades collectively underscore Borghese's exemplary contributions to the realms of entrepreneurship, innovation, and international diplomacy.



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