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Larnaca cops talk down evicted man from roof

Man on roof threatens to set himself on fire after cops go to serve second eviction notice


A man in Larnaca climbed on the roof of his residence and threatened to set himself on fire after police officers went to serve an eviction notice.

According to local media, the man described as a 41-year-old Turkish Cypriot, climbed on the roof of the house, holding a container with what was believed to be gasoline and threatening to set himself on fire.

The man reportedly has been living with his family in Agios Ioannis when a few months ago they got evicted after failing to pay rent.

After the first eviction notice, the man and his family reportedly went back to the house unlawfully while they had nowhere else to go

After the first eviction, the man and his family reportedly went back to the home and occupied the premises unlawfully according to media sources that also said the family had nowhere else to stay.

Fire fighters and police officers were seen in the area as negotiators were trying to talk him down.

The man, father of four underage children, was said to have been living in the south for the last 18 years.

City offiials later said the house was scheduled to be given to another family with more serious needs, adding that the man has turned down offers to relocate with his family to another house.

But the man's wife told reporters that the options offered to the family as alternatives did not meet minimum criteria, saying one of homes comprised of one and a half rooms for the six-member family. 

Media reports later said the man came down without an incident some four hours later.

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