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Man pours gasoline on himself in Paphos

Police stop man from setting himself on fire at a Paphos employment office


A man threatened to set himself on fire at an employment office in Paphos, following a mental breakdown during an exchange with staff.

According to local reports, a 32-year-old man of Arab descent went to the Paphos Labour Office on Tuesday to sort out and get information about his case.

He started yelling, warning everyone to step back as he was pouring gasoline over his clothes and threatening to set himself on fire

But he was reportedly not happy with the answers he was receiving from staff at the office. Sources told Knews the man was a welfare recipient and his benefits were reduced or eliminated.

At one moment, according to police, he started yelling and warning everyone to step back, as he was pouring gasoline over his clothes and threatening to set himself on fire.

Cops in the area rushed to the office and managed to detain the suspect before he could act on his threat.

The man was taken to a police station to calm down and talk to officers, while he was expected to give a full account of what had happened.

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