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Larnaca headmaster in the hot seat again

He is accused of pushing a student and choking him, per the complaint.

by Ioanna Kyriakou

The principal of a high school in Larnaca who had expelled dozens of students at the beginning of the school year due to their haircuts is in the hot seat again. 

This time, the principal is accused of having a physical altercation with a student.  His parents have filed a police report of the alleged incident.  According to reports, the incident happened when the principal summoned the student to his office to have him expelled for sticking a pencil in a lock.  Tensions developed and the principal is alleged to have pushed the student and choked him.

"K " claims that the headmaster also reported the incident to the police, but gave a different account, saying that an argument had taken place, the student had hurled insults, and another teacher was present in the office.

The Larnaca Parents' Association told K about the incident and said that the school has a troubled past. They also asked the police to look into the most recent complaints right away. They emphasize that the Ministry of Education's efforts to remedy the situation have been ineffective.

Those who remember the first incident from September will recall that the principal expelled students for their appearance without first making the proper recommendations, as required by the school's rules, which led to strong reactions from parents. The suspensions were eventually lifted after the Ministry of Education intervened.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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