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Legal service declines criminal charges in Nicolaou case

Lawyer reveals potential involvement of police officers and forensic examiner in tragic incident

The family of Thanasis Nicolaou, a border guard who tragically lost his life, has taken the initiative to proceed with private criminal prosecutions against four individuals. This comes after the Legal Service's decision not to pursue criminal charges due to the lack of testimony connecting the potentially responsible individuals to the incident.

Speaking on the RIK show "First News Update," the family's lawyer, Chris Triantafyllidis, revealed that the private prosecutions are targeting four individuals. Among them are former police officers who were on duty at the time of the incident, as well as the forensic examiner who was called to the scene. Additionally, there is a possibility of a fifth person's involvement.

Mr. Triantafyllidis emphasized the family's determination to seek justice, stating that despite the rights granted to the Attorney General and the Deputy Attorney General by the Constitution to intervene and halt the private criminal case, they have chosen not to exercise that authority. Instead, the family will have the opportunity to present their case in court and pursue justice based on their beliefs.

The decision to proceed with private criminal prosecutions reflects the family's unwavering commitment to uncovering the truth surrounding Thanasis Nicolaou's untimely death. While the Legal Service's decision was based on the lack of evidence linking the accused individuals to the incident, the family firmly believes that pursuing private prosecutions is their best recourse to bring those responsible to justice.

This development is expected to bring the case back into the public spotlight and generate further scrutiny on the circumstances surrounding the border guard's tragic demise. The family's decision to take matters into their own hands highlights their determination to ensure that no stone is left unturned in their pursuit of truth and accountability.

As private criminal prosecutions progress, the court will play a crucial role in evaluating the evidence and testimony presented by both the prosecution and the defense. It remains to be seen how the legal proceedings will unfold and whether new evidence will emerge during the course of the trial.

The outcome of the private criminal prosecutions will not only have implications for the individuals directly involved but may also influence future legal procedures and investigative practices. It serves as a reminder of the complex nature of criminal justice and the importance of thorough investigations in delivering justice and closure to the victims' families.

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