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Macheras forest fire under control

The wildfire was contained late in the afternoon


A wildfire that was burning in the Macheras mountains was set under control the Forest Department announced. More than 150 men, 7 aircraft and 20 fire engines took part in the effort. Emergency teams are in position to monitor the situation throughout the night.

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What happened in the morning

A fire broke out around 10:00 in the Kapedes area and threatens the forest of Macheras. Helicopters are currently attempting to extinguish the fire and the smoke is visible from Nicosia. 

According to information from the Forest Department a total of 4 aircraft have taken off, and a number of ground forces from the fire service are fighting the blaze. The work of fire fighting teams is hampered by the dense vegetation and the steep slopes of the area.

Preliminary information indicate arson as the cause; the fire has two fronts 500 meters apart. The helicopters are conducting water drops from Tamasos dam and there are reports that one helicopter has been forced to make an emergency landing.

Authorities have activated the ''Ikaros plan'' aimed at coordinating civilian and national guard efforts to combat the wildfire.

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