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Male Cypriots urged to negotiate postponement of higher fees with UK universities

Cyprus males who must complete army service before university, by which time UK will scrap home fees, should contact universities directly and they just might be offered current fees


Male Cyprus high school graduates considering going on to a UK university but who must first complete a 14-month military service, by which time the UK is set to enforce its decision to scrap home fee status for EU students, are urged to directly contact their university of interest to negotiate a postponement of the fee increase, allowing them to enrol next under current fee status.

According to a joint announcement by the Education and Foreign Ministries on Wednesday, after coordinated efforts exerted in the form of negotiations with the UK government regarding its decision to scrap home fee status and loans for EU students as of the 2021 academic year, UK authorities announced that Cyprus males who graduated from secondary school this year have the opportunity to contact UK universities directly to request that they are allowed to complete their studies, which they can begin next year after completing military service, under the current home fee status.

Though Cyprus was hoping to get a deal that would allow all Cypriot students that are forced to defer their position until next year to enjoy current home fee status, the UK government said it could not offer special privileges to just one European country.

In mid-June, a total of 522 incoming army recruits informed the Education Ministry that they are either candidates for or have secured a spot at a UK university for the 2020-21 academic year.

While female high-school graduates moving onto university during the 2020-21 academic year are safe in terms of home fees that are set at around 9,250 pounds a year, male graduates who secure a position at a UK university have to defer for the next academic year, when fees are set to at least double.

But though the UK cannot grant exemptions for all Cyprus nationals, it said each UK university has the authority to decide to postpone the new policy on a case-by-case basis.

As such, UK universities suggested that prospective students wishing to request a one-year postponement of the fee increase for any reason, should directly contact the university they are interested in apply at or at which they have already secured a spot.

Additionally, certain UK universities are considering to offer financial support packets for specific candidates.

UUK highlighted that international fees vary by course and by university, noting that in certain cases the UK’s decision to scrap home fees for EU students won’t see a significant rise in fees.

The organization Independent Higher Education, a UK representative body for independent providers of higher education, said several of its members are planning on offering scholarships and exemptions from higher fees.

In fact, a study showed that over half of the members of the UK HE organization are planning on retaining home fees for international students.

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