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Mask delivery from China hits obstacle

Greek C-130 won’t deliver much awaited respirator masks to Republic of Cyprus


Medical supplies from China, which were expected to be flown to Cyprus on a Greek C-130, will not be shipped to the island with officials saying the Republic will have to send its own plane or find another way.

A Greek C-130 military aircraft was expected to fly to China on Sunday, March 29, to load medical supplies for Greece as well as a portion of medical supplies in order to assist the Republic of Cyprus’ battle against Covid-19.

But according to an official, who went on state radio Friday morning, the C-130 won’t deliver the supplies to Cyprus due to plans falling through.

Last week, the Chinese Ambassador in Nicosia announced on Twitter that the first batch of medical supplies for Cyprus from China, including 10,000 masks, had been dispatched

The official said the state was seeking other ways including possibly chartering its own flight in order to get the supplies. The nature of the problem was not immediately known.

Last week, the Chinese Ambassador in Nicosia, Huang Xingyuan, announced on Twitter that the first batch of medical supplies that were to be shipped to Cyprus from China, including 10,000 FFP2 masks, were dispatched.

Earlier this week, the Cyprus News Agency reported that medical supplies for Cyprus would be loaded in a C-130 heading for Greece, where the Cypriot-destined supplies including 10,000 masks would then be shipped to the Republic of Cyprus.

In the meantime, medical supplies destined for Turkish Cypriots were shipped this week by sea to Kyrenia harbour in the north, while a private plane from Ankara also flew in with medical supplies and masks, according to local media.

The FFP2, which is an N95 respirator face mask different from the common surgical mask, is a respiratory protective device designed to achieve a very close facial fit and very efficient filtration of airborne particles.

While respirator masks may not offer better protection to the general public, the FFP2 face mask could be considered more appropriate for workers in hospitals and other industries.

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