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Minister of Agriculture announces his four priorities

Software to reduce pesticides and antibiotics in animals in the works

Minister of Agriculture, Petros Xenophontos, outlined his four priorities for the agriculture sector during an interview on the DIASPORA news show. His first priority is to focus on the new Common Agricultural Policy, which includes subsidies and support for farmers and breeders, particularly for young people in these sectors.

Xenophontos’ second priority is to establish an auction for the sale of agricultural products in order to reduce the selling price of the products that reach consumers and to reduce the role of intermediaries, which, according to the minister, have caused problems in the sector.

The third priority is the introduction of a farmer's card that will enable farmers to obtain loans, allowing them to be active in their sector.

Finally, Xenophontos emphasized the need for a software system to monitor the sale of pesticides and antibiotics to animals, in line with the recommendations of the European Union, in order to restrict their use.

With these priorities, Xenophontos hopes to bring about positive change to the agriculture sector and support the development of young farmers and breeders.

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