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Mistreatment of Israeli hostages caught on camera

Women being threatened at gunpoint by Hamas militants


Families of Israeli hostages held by Hamas released a harrowing video on Wednesday depicting the mistreatment of women detained by the militant group.

"This is the reality they endure," said the families of the five female soldiers featured in the video, which shows the women being threatened at gunpoint by Hamas militants.

The video, dated October 7, 2023, captures the moment Hamas militants stormed the Nahal Oz military base in southern Israel, capturing five female soldiers. Visibly shocked and with two of the women showing signs of injury, the footage depicts a chaotic and violent scene. "Take pictures," a voice commands. The women are then forced to sit on the ground, where militants accuse them of causing the deaths of their "brothers" and threaten to kill them. One militant is heard remarking, "These are the girls who can get pregnant."

Under continued threat, the women are loaded into a Jeep. The video, recorded by body cameras worn by the Hamas militants, reveals the ordeal of Leary Albag, Karina Ariev, Agam Berger, Daniela Gliboa, and Naama Levy.

"The disturbing video is the reality for Agam, Daniela, Leary, Naama, Karina, and 123 other hostages over 229 days," the families stated. They criticized the Israeli government for failing to secure the release of the hostages, calling for immediate action to return to negotiations.

All five women remain in captivity. Of two other women kidnapped during the same incident, one has been released and the other was killed by Hamas, with her body later repatriated.

[With information sourced from Proto Thema]

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