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Mother’s arrest shrouded in mystery

Arrest of foreign national and local driver linked to another possible child abandonment case


Police say they will not clarify details in the arrest of two people following a traffic violation in Limassol, citing privacy protocols in a case involving a young child.

According to local media, a 30-year-old foreign female was arrested on child abandonment charges and immigration violations after police stopped a vehicle for a traffic offence.

Initial reports said a 67-year-old Greek Cypriot man was driving his vehicle in Limassol on Friday afternoon, with a female passenger, when he reportedly ran a red light.

Local media said police officers, who flagged down the vehicle for violating traffic lights, determined the driver had no proof of car registration or insurance.

Officers asked the driver to follow the police vehicle down to the local station, with the woman being heard chatting with the man about a baby that was left home alone

Officers then asked the driver to follow the police vehicle down to the local station for further document inspections, with the woman being heard chatting with the man about a baby.

It later emerged that the woman, reportedly from Holland, was the mother of a 4-year-old girl who was home alone.

According to the Cyprus News Agency, officers went to the apartment and located the little girl sleeping without adult supervision in the home. Child Services staff delivered the young girl to a friend of the mother to spend the night, CNA added.

The man and the woman, who were arrested on multiple charges, appeared in court on Saturday when a judge ordered them remanded in custody for two days.

Police declined to comment on the arrests citing privacy protocols involving a minor, while local media said the mother was facing child abandonment charges and other offences including an immigration rule violation.

The arrestable offences against the male driver were not immediately clear.

Additional reports said the mother told officers she left her child to go to work while there were conflicting reports over the exact time of the incident. Some media said it took place Friday afternoon at 3pm while other media outlets gave times either in the evening or early morning at 3am.

CNA reported that the mother was also suspected of unlawful stay in the Republic of Cyprus.

Police did not confirm any traffic violation, telling Knews protocols dictated that incidents linked to investigations involving minors cannot be made public.

Last week another foreign woman was remanded in custody over child endangerment charges, after allegations and her arrest emerged from a case involving her husband and his mother in a seperate incident.

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