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Murder investigation heats up, land deal at heart of Mykonos feud

Topographer's death linked to prime real estate dispute with local businessman


The murder of topographer Panagiotis Stathis in Psychiko has cast a fresh spotlight on a contentious plot of land in Mykonos, believed to be the epicenter of a bitter dispute between Stathis and a local businessman.

Stathis had acquired a prime 9.5-acre parcel adjacent to the site slated for the luxury Four Seasons hotel, thwarting a local real estate agent's attempts to secure the same land. According to reports from "MEGA" and "LIVE News," Stathis and a partner managed to block the agent's efforts and purchase the property themselves. Intriguingly, their names do not appear on the official documentation; instead, the land is registered under close relatives' names.

In August 2020, Stathis secured a permit to build a five-star hotel on the land, valid until August 2021. He later revised the permit to reduce the volume of construction while retaining the buildable square footage, planning to develop bungalows similar to those of the Four Seasons. It appears the ultimate goal was to sell the property to Four Seasons at a substantial profit.

Explosive text messages

"MEGA" show "LIVE News" has uncovered a series of intense text messages between Stathis and the businessman, discussing the potential sale of the land to Four Seasons. The businessman involved is the same individual Stathis accused of assaulting him in 2021.

The messages reveal the tension between the two:

  • Stathis: "I'm not asking anyone. They will exhaust the other case or others. If they are in such a hurry, they can wait."
  • Businessman: "Yeah, but you don't have to threaten, we'll fix it, don't get mad, I'm in debt 2.5 million and I'm waiting, what can I say? You got it for free, be patient."

The exchange indicates that both men initially aimed to collaborate for financial gain but eventually fell out. According to "MEGA," a witness has come forward, claiming the businessman threatened Stathis before his murder.

Link to Korydallos prison murder

The investigation suggests a possible connection between Stathis' murder and a recent killing in Korydallos prison. Vassilis Lambropoulos, a police editor for "Ta Nea" and "To Vima," reported that the earlier attack on Stathis might be linked to this prison murder, possibly accelerating the Mykonos feud that led to Stathis' death.

Relatives of the victim have reported his disputes with the businessman, pointing to him as a potential instigator. Testimonies suggest the businessman's girlfriend may have met with him in Mykonos under the pretense of discussing a health center project, though no concrete plans for such a center exist.

As investigations continue, authorities are working to untangle the complex web of real estate, rivalry, and revenge that culminated in the tragic death of Panagiotis Stathis.

[Source: and 24News]

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