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20 July, 2024
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Rain relief on the horizon as thunderstorms break the heatwave

Brace for a bit of a cool down as strong thunderstorms hit mountainous and some inland areas


Good news, everyone!  The heatwave has been relentless, but relief is finally on its way with some much-needed rain. Here's what you can expect.

Today, Wednesday, the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for strong thunderstorms from 12:00 to 17:00. These thunderstorms are expected to mainly affect the mountainous regions and possibly some inland areas. So, if you're in these spots, be prepared for rain intensity ranging between 35 and 55 millimeters per hour, and don't be surprised if you see some hail.

From the morning to early afternoon today, intermittent clouds will increase, bringing isolated showers and thunderstorms, especially in the mountains and inland areas. Hail is also possible.

Winds will blow from the southeast to southwest at light to moderate speeds (3 Beaufort), shifting to southwest to northwest later in the day (3 to 4 Beaufort).  The sea will be calm to a little rough.  Temperatures will soar to 39°C inland, 38°C on the northern coast, 32°C on the western coast, 34°C on other coastal areas, and 29°C in the higher mountains.

The weather will clear up tonight, although some low clouds might linger. You might notice some thin fog or mist early in the morning. Winds will be mainly northwest to northeast at light speeds (3 Beaufort), with the sea remaining calm to slightly rough. Temperatures will drop to a refreshing 24°C inland and along the coast, and 21°C in the higher mountains.

Looking ahead, Thursday and Friday will have mostly clear skies in the morning, with clouds increasing by noon and early afternoon, potentially bringing isolated showers and thunderstorms in the mountains and inland areas.

Saturday will be predominantly clear, though some clouds will pop up in the afternoon.

Expect no significant change in temperature, but enjoy the much-needed relief from the passing thunderstorms if you're lucky enough to be in those areas.  Temperatures will stay just above average through Saturday.

Take a break from the heat and stay safe during the thunderstorms!

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