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Mysterious skeleton discovery sparks investigation

Autopsy awaits to unravel identity and cause of death in desolate location


Authorities are eagerly awaiting the results of an autopsy scheduled for today regarding the human skeleton discovered on Tuesday (3/10) in a desolate area north of the Limassol General Hospital.

The autopsy, to be performed at Nicosia General Hospital, will be conducted by forensic experts Angeliki Papetta and Orthodox Orthodox. An anthropologist will also be present during the procedure, with investigators hoping it will shed light on the identity, time of death, and the cause of death.

Preliminary reports indicate that no incriminating evidence was found at the scene, seemingly ruling out criminal involvement. However, authorities emphasize that they are exhaustively exploring all potential leads.

Furthermore, during the search, a pair of trousers and shoes were discovered and have been sent for scientific examination.

Presently, authorities are diligently examining missing persons' records in their quest to establish the identity of the skeleton. It is worth noting that the skeletal remains were initially discovered by a vigilant citizen who promptly alerted the authorities, leading to the immediate cordoning off of the area.

[Information from 24News]

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