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Nearly 60 million euros in electricity subsidies doled out since September 2022

The amount of money distributed to households and businesses reached 58.4 million and is expected to increase

According to the Minister of Finance, Constantinos Petrides, payments to households and businesses for the period from 1 September 2022 to 31 January 2023 have reached 58.4 million euros and are still being made.

The Minister also includes a table with the breakdown of the subsidy amounts in a pertinent tweet.

According to the table, the subsidy amount for single-registration household valuation is EUR 46,7 million. The subsidy for a household registration fee is EUR 153,8 thousand. The subsidy for special household tariffs for specific categories of vulnerable consumers is EUR 2,59 million. The subsidy for bimonthly billing for the commercial single low-voltage commercial single-use tariff shall be EUR 7,27 million. The subsidy for the bimonthly low-voltage single-use industrial single-registration bimonthly tariff is EUR 1,1 million. The subsidy is EUR 222,4 thousand for a bimonthly water pumping tariff. Finally, the subsidy for bimonthly thermal energy storage is EUR 323,4 thousand.

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