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13 June, 2024
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Electricity subsidies extended to February 2023

The estimated cost to the government is €25 million and covers 449,000 homes and 111,500 businesses.

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The Council of Ministers met yesterday under the chairmanship of the President of the Republic Mr. Nicos Anastasiades and approved the extension for two additional months of the measure concerning the subsidy by the State of part of the cost of electricity consumption and, specifically, for the tariffs for the period January-February 2023, which concerns electricity consumption in the period November-December.

The estimated cost is €25 million and covers 449,000 households, 111,500 businesses, and water pumping consumption, and the subsidy will cover residential, commercial, industrial, and water users of bimonthly tariffs for water supply, irrigation, and/or rainwater pumping.

To date, targeted measures and interventions totaling approximately €600 million have been implemented to assist vulnerable groups of the population, households, businesses, and the agri-food sector in addressing inflationary pressures.

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