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New details in woman’s balcony fall

Woman says she was trying to escape from man who was keeping her locked up


The 32-year-old woman from Poland, who fell off her balcony last week, says she tried to escape from a man who wouldn’t let her go out.

On January 20, the woman had a heated exchange early in the morning with a 56-year-old male, who was wrongly identified previously as her husband. At one point, around 6am, the female fell off the balcony on the second floor in Aglandjia and was seriously injured.

The woman said the man was withholding her passport illegally and would not allow her to leave the house

According to the initial complaint filed with police, the 56-year-old Greek Cypriot man was involved in her falling off the balcony. But her statement, which was oral and not written, did not make it clear whether she was alleging the man had physically pushed her.

It later turned out that the woman fell off while trying to escape, according to Philenews, after Nicosia crime investigators pressed her for details citing lack of fingerprints and other types of evidence against the male suspect.

“I was trying to escape by climbing down and I fell,” she reportedly admitted to investigators.

The woman also told police that the man, described in some local media as her male partner, was withholding her passport illegally and would not allow her to leave the house.

The relationship between the two remained unclear while the male suspect was released from custody. Reports said he would likely face kidnapping and other lesser charges.

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