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Ukrainian woman found tied up in Paphos

Pub owner husband allegedly chained wife’s feet to the railing to stop her from drinking


A woman tied up was found inside a local pub in Paphos after authorities received a tip in connection with a possible kidnapping and domestic violence.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, the woman was found in good health but was chained up when police officers got to her.

Additional reports said the woman, a Ukrainian national aged 38, was tied up inside the pantry room of a local pub while other reports said she was chained to the balcony railing.

The pub is onwed by her 36-year-old Cypriot husband, who was behind the incident according to the victim, who told police her man did not want her to consume a lot of alcohol.

Investigators are treating this as a possible kidnapping case, but also looking into possible domestic violence.

The incident took place on Cyprus Independece Day, Monday, October 1.

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