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Car falls off cliff due to landslide

Senior citizen ended up in the Emergency Room after his car was hit by a rockslide


An elderly driver ended up in the Emergency Room in Limassol following a landslide incident in Paphos district where his vehicle was hit and fell off a cliff.

According to local reports, a 70-year-old driver was driving his vehicle from Mandria in Limassol district to Agios Nicolaos in Paphos district when it was suddenly hit by a massive rockslide.

Due to the large-volume landslide, the car ended up going off a cliff with the driver managing to escape with only minor injuries, according to local media. The height of the cliff was not immediately clear.

He was rushed to the ER at Limassol General Hospital where doctors said he was not seriously injured.

Officials rushed to inspect the scene and later closed down the road completely, while Paphos police has taken over the investigation of the incident.

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