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New warrants issued in gay adoption case

Cyprus police seek input from four countries regarding the two male suspects


Cyprus police have issued international arrest warrants in four countries against two men in connection with an illegal child adoption.

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According to media reports, police are seeking legal assistance in four countries regarding the whereabouts of two males who are believed to be a gay couple who adopted illegally a young child from the Philippines.

A 47-year-old Filipina was placed under arrest last week in connection with the case on multiple charges, including trafficking of minors, conspiracy to commit a felony, and document fraud.

The woman is being accused of bringing a young child from the Philippines to Cyprus back in 2017 “under special orders” while presenting herself as the biological mother.

When the Greek Cypriot man sought sole custody of the child, staff at the Social Welfare office began to ask questions and became suspicious

Previous media reports said a Greek Cypriot male and his male partner wanted to adopt a child together.

Police told KNEWS it would not provide any information or comment on the nationalities of the two suspects, citing highly sensitive issues in the case. But a source confirmed with KNEWS that arrest warrants have been issued, without giving any more details. At least one of the two suspects is known to hold a Cypriot passport.

According to daily Phileleftheros, law enforcement authorities of the Republic of Cyprus are seeking information on the two suspects in Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, and the Philippines.

Media reports said the Greek Cypriot man the woman from the Philippines attempted to register the child’s birth certificate together in Cyprus.

But when the Greek Cypriot man sought sole custody of the infant, staff at the Social Welfare office began to ask questions, prompting the man to withdraw the claim, raising even more suspicion over the case.

It later turned out that the man had been sending monthly payments of €250 to another woman in the Philippines, the biological mother of the child, who reportedly did not want to keep the child. The money was described as financial compensation until the birth, estimated between €1000 and €1500.

Unconfirmed reports said the couple made similar attempts in the past but failed, as gay adoption is not legal in the Republic of Cyprus.

The Filipina, who is in remanded custody until Friday, denies receiving any money for her mediation services. Some reports said she worked as a housemaid for the father of the Greek Cypriot suspect and she is believed to have taken the child from the biological mother in the Philippines and delivered it to its adoptive parents in Cyprus.

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