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Filipina arrested in child adoption case

Two men wanted by police in connection with gay adoption


A woman from the Philippines was arrested Thursday in connection with an unprecedented case of child adoption by a gay couple.

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According to media reports, a 47-year-old Filipina was placed under arrest on Thursday on multiple charges, including trafficking of minors, conspiracy to commit a felony, and document fraud.

The woman is being accused of bringing a young child from the Philippines to Cyprus back in 2017 “under special orders” while presenting herself as the biological mother. Following her arrest, according to ReporterCy, the suspect admitted she was not the biological mother of the child.

Authorities have also issued arrest warrants against two men, who reportedly have been taking care of the child from the beginning as adoptive parents.

The female suspect was scheduled to appear before a Nicosia District Court judge on Friday morning.

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