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Online food bank exchange wants to reduce waste

Nonprofit calls on businesses to sign up as providers where registered recipients can claim unused food


An online platform aimed at boosting food donations and also cutting down on food waste is calling on businesses to register in hopes that a broad network can be established to help the environment and those in need.

FoodConnect, an online application that enables food donations while cutting down on waste, was launched last week by not-for-profit organization Friends of the Earth Cyprus.

The platform, which is supported by European program LIFE Foodprint, aims at reducing food waste according to FOEC administrator Sara Mariza Vryonidi, who spoke on state radio on Friday morning.

Companies such as bakeries and hotels can register online as providers, where they can list unused food or food items that will be available to registered recipients at the close of each business day

Vryonidi said companies such as bakeries, supermarkets, and hotels could register online as providers, where they can list unused food or food items that will be available at the close of business each day.

People can also register as recipients on the platform and they can claim items from participating businesses near in their local area.

“After an identification procedure at the [business location], the recipient will be able to take the food and go,” Vryonidi said.

Knews understands food donations have been taking on individual initiatives by a number of businesses.

But Friends wants to help create a network that would allowing both providers and recipients to coordinate the effort on a larger scale.

“We want the online platform to run itself and help cut down on food waste,” Vryonidi said.

According to the organization, research suggests that half of all waste in households is food waste.

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