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Paphos hotel worker arrested on theft charges

Hotel maintenance employee stole laptops and money from room safe deposit boxes


Police arrested a 26-year-old hotel maintenance worker in Paphos in connection with in-room theft, following tourist complaints about money and items gone missing.

When a Belgian couple arrived in Cyprus for a short vacation, they had no idea their money would not be safe in their own hotel room.

But shortly after their arrival, they discovered that their money, €900 in cash, was stolen from their room’s safe deposit box.

Paphos CID investigators who went to the hotel saw no signs of forced entry in the room, such as the doorknob being forced open or damage to the balcony door.

Officers quickly turned their suspicions on the young maintenance worker, who appeared he had some connection with the hotel at the time.

He was detained and a house search warrant was issued, where police were able to recover the stolen money along with other items, believed to be stolen goods such as two laptops, 5350 Russian rubles (₽), £40 and more cash in euros.

The suspect confessed that he had committed the offences between 21 June and 29 July, including stealing cash totaling €2700.

He was re-remanded into custody for eight days as Paphos police were investigating.

It was not immediately clear whether the safe deposit box operated with a physical key or a password combination.

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