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Parliament opens breastfeeding room for working moms

The newly opened breastfeeding room at Cyprus' Parliament building aims to promote inclusivity and work-life balance for working moms


In a move aimed at supporting breastfeeding mothers and promoting a culture of inclusivity, the House of Representatives has unveiled a newly designed and equipped breastfeeding room within its premises.

The announcement, made by the House, underscores the institution's commitment to providing a conducive environment for breastfeeding employees and visitors. The room, described as air-conditioned and designed to prioritize privacy for both mother and child, features a dedicated breastfeeding chair and facilities for pumping and storing milk. Situated adjacent to a kitchen area, the room adheres to prescribed standards for the creation and operation of such facilities.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Anita Demetriou, emphasized the significance of the initiative, stating that it reflects the institution's practical support for breastfeeding mothers and infants. Demetriou further highlighted the importance of fostering a broader culture of breastfeeding within society. She underscored that the initiative forms part of a broader effort to address the challenges faced by working mothers and promote a better balance between personal and professional life for women.

The President of the Parliament reiterated the legislative body's commitment to advancing initiatives that enhance the working conditions of mothers. He affirmed that the House will continue to support measures aimed at creating a more humane, functional, and supportive environment for working mothers, who juggle multiple responsibilities in modern times.

The introduction of the breastfeeding room represents a step forward in promoting workplace inclusivity and supporting the diverse needs of employees and visitors. The move is expected to receive positive feedback from stakeholders and contribute to a more supportive and accommodating environment within the House of Representatives.

[With information from CNA]


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