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Prince Albert of Monaco makes low-key visit to Cyprus

The Prince's private trip to Cyprus follows his participation in ''Our Ocean Conference'' in Athens


Prince Albert of Monaco recently made a low-key visit to Cyprus following his participation in the "Our Ocean Conference" held in Athens, Greece. The prince arrived on the evening of April 17th, keeping his trip to the island private.

Sources indicate that Prince Albert stayed at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia during his visit. Despite the secrecy surrounding his trip, he was reportedly amiable and accommodating, even posing for photographs with the hotel's general manager, Evros Stylianou, and other guests.

While details about his activities on the island remain scarce, it is known that Prince Albert visited branches of a company affiliated with Monaco Telecom, a telecommunications provider from the Principality of Monaco. During these visits, he was described as approachable and cheerful.

Additionally, reports suggest that Prince Albert took advantage of his time in Cyprus to enjoy a beachside lunch, although specifics of his whereabouts during the day are not yet known.

This isn't the first time Prince Albert has visited Cyprus. His previous trip to the island was in April 2023, when he attended the "Love Cyprus" awards ceremony at the invitation of John Christodoulou, organized by the Yianis Christodoulou Foundation charity. Princess Charlene, his wife, did not accompany him on this recent trip.

[Information from MUST]

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