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Police spokesman acknowledges mobile camera placement issues

Re-evaluation of camera locations and checks initiated to resolve placement concerns

Source: Kathimerini

According to the spokesman of the Police Force, Christos Andreou, there have been cases where camera operators did not adhere to the designated points indicated by the Police and instead placed the mobile cameras in different locations. He acknowledged that a meeting was held last Monday to address this issue, and instructions were given by the Chief of Police.

During an interview on ALPHA Good Morning, Andreou explained that the meeting involved the administration of the Traffic Police Headquarters, which is responsible for the deployment of mobile cameras. The meeting was prompted by various social media posts, photographs, and complaints from citizens concerning the inappropriate placement of mobile cameras.

As a result of the meeting, the Chief of Police instructed a re-evaluation of the camera locations to avoid problematic areas and identify suitable locations with adequate space, away from nearby traffic lights. Furthermore, instructions were given to the officers of the Traffic Department to conduct checks and map the specific points where the mobile cameras are placed. They were also directed to document any outstanding issues related to the camera system and arrange a meeting with the Ministry of Transport involving all relevant parties.

Regarding the incident where a mobile camera company's vehicle was seen parked in a ditch, Andreou addressed the operator's explanation. The operator claimed that they had stopped at that location to place a warning sign before proceeding further down the road to set up the mobile camera. However, Andreou stated that there have been instances where such actions were not justified. He mentioned that the distance between the warning signs and the cameras can range from 100 meters to five kilometers.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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