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President Christodoulides extends heartfelt Easter message

A message of hope, unity, and resilience from the Presidential Palace


From the historic halls of the Presidential Palace, President Christodoulides extended heartfelt Easter greetings to the people of Cyprus, encapsulating the spirit of the holiday in a message of hope, unity, and resilience.

Addressing the nation, the President expressed warm wishes for health, happiness, and prosperity, emphasizing the profound significance of the Easter season. He reflected on the journey of Holy Week, from trial to redemption, from Calvary to Resurrection, underscoring the timeless messages of hope, fraternity, and solidarity embedded within.

Acknowledging the somber reality of unoccupied churches for fifty years, President Christodoulides extended heartfelt sentiments to those affected by displacement, conflict, and loss. With unwavering determination, he affirmed his commitment to meaningful negotiations for the resolution of the Cyprus problem, anchored in the principles of UN resolutions and EU values.

In the face of geopolitical challenges and uncertainties, the President struck a note of optimism, highlighting the country's economic stability and growth trajectory. With a focus on social welfare and inclusive policies, he outlined efforts to support vulnerable communities, foster economic prosperity, and invest in education and healthcare.

As Easter heralds a message of renewal and rebirth, President Christodoulides called for personal introspection and collective reflection, urging unity and resilience in the pursuit of a brighter future. With faith as their guide and tradition as their anchor, he encouraged the Cypriot people to embrace the spirit of Easter, embodying the victory of life over death.

"With a heart filled with hope and a spirit uplifted by the promise of Easter, I extend my sincerest wishes for a joyous celebration to all. May this sacred season fill your homes with peace, your hearts with love, and your lives with abundant blessings.  Together, let us embrace the spirit of renewal, drawing strength from our faith, unity, and resilience.  Happy Easter, dear compatriots." -President Christodoulides

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