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Easter with clouds and showers ahead

A detailed forecast for Holy Saturday through Easter Tuesday on the island, with a mix of clouds, showers, and gradual temperature changes.


Good morning, Cyprus! Let's take a look at the weather forecast for the next couple of days.

For today, we anticipate intermittent clouds, especially in the afternoon, potentially bringing isolated showers, mainly in the western half of the island. Winds will continue from the southwest to northwest, moderate to strong, becoming locally very strong in the afternoon. The sea will be rough, especially in the west, south, and north. Temperatures will rise to around 27 degrees inland, 25 degrees in the southeast and on the east coast, around 23 degrees in the southwest, west, and north coasts, and 14 degrees in the higher mountains.

During Holy Saturday night, expect partly to mostly cloudy skies with isolated showers and possible isolated thunderstorms, especially in the west and north. Winds will vary from light to moderate inland to moderate to strong on the coast, occasionally reaching very strong. The sea will be rough to choppy.

On Easter Sunday, the weather will be mainly cloudy with local showers and isolated thunderstorms, initially in the west and north, spreading gradually across the island. By late afternoon, we can expect a gradual improvement in the weather conditions.

On Easter Monday, anticipate intermittent clouds bringing isolated showers and possibly isolated thunderstorms, mainly in the west, mountains, and areas south of Troodos. By Easter Tuesday, the weather will clear up with partly cloudy skies, though isolated rain may occur in the mountains during the midday hours and afterward.

Temperatures on Easter Sunday will drop slightly below the seasonal average, with a gradual rise expected by Tuesday to be close to and slightly above the seasonal average.

That's all for now, Cyprus. Wishing you a peaceful and pleasant Easter weekend ahead! Stay safe and enjoy the festivities.

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