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Quadruple fatality, manslaughter charges pending

Limassol district court to decide driver's fate


In a shocking turn of events, the New Year took a tragic toll with a fatal road accident that claimed the lives of four individuals. Limassol Traffic Police presented the case to the Legal Service, securing approval from the Attorney General to classify it as a homicide.

The 44-year-old driver responsible for the collision now faces charges of manslaughter and running a red light. The Limassol District Court will decide today whether he will be held in custody until the trial begins.

The victims, Evanthia Georgiou (27), Nicolas Georgiou (17), Nicolas Zavrou (72), and Evanthia Georgiou (74), lost their lives in the devastating crash that unfolded shortly after midnight on the Limassol - Platron road. The collision involved a double cab vehicle driven by the 44-year-old man and a private vehicle driven by 27-year-old Evanthia Georgiou.

Autopsy findings revealed the cause of 17-year-old Nicolas Georgiou's death as a dissection of the thoracic aorta, while the other three victims succumbed to multiple traumas. Forensic pathologist Nicolas Charalambous conducted the autopsies.

Despite the driver's claim of not violating the traffic light, a contradicting video surfaced, showing the double cab speeding through a red light. Investigation details are unfolding, and the community mourns the loss of innocent lives in this heartbreaking incident.

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