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20 April, 2021
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Dense fog on peaks, rain and storms on the cards

A slight rise in temperature is expected for Wednesday and Thursday, though Friday holds more chilly weather


Dense fog had set on the mountain regions on Tuesday, with drivers urged to show extra caution due low visibility, by driving at low speeds and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles.

The forecast in detail

A weak low pressure system and cold nor’easter gusts are expected to affect the island by Wednesday.

On Tuesday, most areas across Cyprus remained dry, with clouds building up in certain areas expected to bring some light rainfall.

Temperatures in the brighter hours of Tuesday ranged from 18 degrees Celsius inland and in coastal areas to around 8 degrees in higher altitudes. Come nightfall, temperatures are expected to fall to around 8 degrees inland, 10 degrees across the coasts, and to just one degree in mountain regions.

Coastal areas may see some heavier rainfall on Tuesday night, when snowfall is expected up on mountain tops.

The weather is expected to grow increasingly greyer as we move into Wednesday, forecasted to host scattered rains or storms, which will likely subside by evening.

Skies will remain cloudy on Thursday and Friday, though temperatures are forecasted to show a slight rise on Wednesday and Thursday, before slipping lower again on Friday.

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