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Rape charges added in serial killer case

Aspiring model comes forward as Orestis is remanded for another eight days on rape charges


The serial killer case was back in court on Sunday with suspect Nikos Metaxas remanded in custody on new charges including rape. 

Metaxas, a 35-year-old Greek Cypriot army captain who has reportedly confessed to seven murders of five women and two children, all foreign nationals, is believed to have targeted many more foreign females, inducing an aspiring model.

A 21-year-old woman, who has come forward in the aftermath of the gruesome discoveries of seven murders, filed a complaint with police on Friday accusing the Metaxas of rape.

Orestis had contacted rape accuser online

She has accused the suspect of rape back when she was 19, with the alleged incident taking place in Nicosia. In her complaint, the woman also told investigators that a man named Orestis had approached her online to discuss photography while the suspect had raped her in his vehicle in 2017 without her ever knowing that Metaxas was the man behind the Orestis profile, which depicted a different photo.

The woman provided evidence to police of conversations she had with a friend but also the suspect’s former wife soon after the alleged rape

The rape accuser provided evidence to police of conversations she had with a friend about what had happened to her right after the incident. She is also believed to have messaged the suspect’s former wife online to inform her ex husband had raped her, with media reports saying the contact was made soon after the alleged rape.

During the remand hearing on Sunday morning, the court heard that the suspect used a mobile phone to record the rape. Orestis was remanded in custody for another eight days on Sunday morning, with rape charges added to a long list of serious crimes including seven counts of premeditated murder. He reportedly did not object to his remand.

Hours later, a second body was retrieved from the red lake in Mitseros, believed to be 8-year-old Elena Natalia Bunea from Romania. Investigators have not ruled out the possibility of more victims or that Orestis may have targeted a lot more foreign women using social media and other methods.

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