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Russia considering to resume flights to Cyprus

Russia may be restoring connectivity with Cyprus and six other countries, with a final decision expected later this week


Russian authorities are considering to allow the resumption of international flights to Cyprus and six other countries, the Russian daily Izvetsia said Monday, citing unnamed airport and airline sources.

According to the report, Russia is mulling over restoring connectivity with Cyprus, France, Hungary, Malta, Jordan, Egypt, and China, with final decisions expected this week.

But Russia's green light may still face obstacles by Cyprus' own travel rules, as the island has yet to include Russia in any of its three three risk-based categories from which it accepts visitors.

After grounding international commercial flights earlier this year in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Russia has so far only resumed flights to London, Turkey, Tanzania and Switzerland.

Russia’s struggle with coronavirus is ongoing, consistently recording nearly 5,000 new cases on a daily basis over the past weeks, and ranking fourth globally in terms of the number of coronavirus cases detected.


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