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School fire linked to final exam anger

Officials speculate malicious fire at Limassol high school may be linked to frustration over final grades


A fire that broke at a Limassol high school is believed to have been a malicious act not unrelated to frustration over final exam grades.

According to local media, a fire broke out Tuesday night at the Ayios Nicolaos High School in Limassol, with fire fighters being called around 11:20pm to put out a fire on school premises.

It was estimated that the total cost of damages could be over €20,000 and possible over €30,000, with reports saying electric appliances, furniture, and copiers were among the items destroyed in the fire. Damages were mainly recorded in the teacher’s lounge and the adjacent computer lab used by educators.

Following reports that the fire was probably the result of arson, school district officials said they would not rule out the possibility that the incident was connected to the frustration over low grades in student final exams.

It was also reported that night guards will be stationed on school premises over the summer holidays to prevent similar incidents and acts of vandalism.

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