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Schools are opening despite the outbreak of the pandemic

Government unsteady despite strong concerns

Apostolis Tomaras

Apostolis Tomaras

Calls from the public and within the Scientific Advisory Committee for a slight postponement in the opening of schools have not dampened the government's position on their planned return next week.  A development that confirms, in what used to be just a feeling in the past, that the government's insistence is based more on political and less on epidemiological criteria. Therefore, according to what has emerged, the proposal that will be presented before the Council of Ministers today, will be the opening of the schools next Monday. Information from the epidemiological team suggests that a possible postponement of the opening of the schools would amount to a lockdown, something that the government has declared will not be repeated.

The frame

Intensification of student checks on a weekly basis will be added to the pre-holiday health framework. Here the suggestions that seem to have been made speak of up to two rapid tests that primary school students will have to take in order to be able to have a physical presence in the classrooms. The measure will be implemented for two weeks and then reviewed. According to sources from the epidemiological team, the government seems to rule out taking measures that will affect the physical presence of students in schools even if there is a deterioration of the epidemiological situation next week.


The government's decision is sure to intensify the opposing views on education, which supported a slight postponement of students' return to schools for fear of a new outbreak. One issue raised by educational organizations in the past was that of the four-month exams. In fact, the concerns expressed are based on the worst-case scenario of a pandemic and what happens in such a case. But even in primary schools, the questions that exist about possible chains of the virus spread are reasonable. On the side of those who appear hesitant about the reopening of schools, the not so unlikely scenario of the aggressive spread of the virus should be extended to teachers.


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