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Coronavirus: Danish scientists see the end of the pandemic in 2 months

'Herd immunity' will become a reality, according to Dr. Tira Grove Krause

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The pandemic will end in two months, according to the head of the Danish State Epidemiological Serum Institute, Dr. Tira Grove Krause.

Dr. Krause stressed that the highly contagious "Omicron" causes an unprecedented number of infections, "giving" to those infected a good level of immunity. Because the disease it causes is significantly milder than that caused by previous strains, it creates natural immunity, at no heavy cost to human lives. Thus, the vision of "herd immunity" will become a reality.

Scientific news is also encouraging, as six studies by independent research teams on the effects of Omicron in the human body suggest that the new mutation is more likely to cause upper respiratory tract infection rather than lung infection.

Meanwhile, the British health system (NHS) is under great pressure, due to the outbreak of cases caused by the "Omicron" mutation. The country's prime minister, Boris Johnson, called on the public sector to prepare for the worst-case scenario, in which 25% of the workforce will be absent due to COVID. The British Minister of Education, Nadhim Zahawi, also admitted yesterday that the hospitalizations due to "Omicron" are increasing mainly in the age group over 50, pointing out, however, that the data does not show the need for further restrictions.

Israel has already launched a fourth vaccination dose for medical staff and citizens over the age of sixty. France, on the other hand, is on hold. The head of the country's vaccination program, Allen Fischer, said that the decision will be made in February or March, after more information is gathered.

Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, however, estimated in December that a fourth dose of vaccine would be needed sooner than expected because of Omicron's high escape potential.

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