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Sexual harassment now a separate disciplinary offence in police and fire brigade

Justice and Public Order Minister stresses zero tolerance policy and empowerment of victims

The Council of Ministers unanimously approved a proposal from the Ministry of Justice and Public Order to classify sexual harassment as a separate disciplinary offense in the Police and Fire Brigade. The decision was made during a meeting held on Tuesday.

Following the meeting, the Minister of Justice and Public Order, Anna Koukkidi-Prokopiou, expressed her satisfaction with the outcome. She emphasized that sexual harassment was previously viewed as inappropriate, but was not considered a separate disciplinary offence. The Minister noted the significance of zero tolerance for such behavior, not only for the Ministry but also for the Police and Fire Service.

Furthermore, she explained that this decision aligns with the government's policies and sends a clear message to all parties involved. She went on to say that this decision was symbolic and empowering for women, who are often the primary victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. They should feel supported and confident in reporting any unprofessional behavior they may encounter.

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