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Six of 13 new Cyprus coronavirus cases asymptomatic

The Cyprus health minister and expert epidemiologists have been raising the alarm in recent days over a surge of asymptomatic cases involving mostly young people


The Cyprus health ministry announced 13 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, four of which were asymptomatic carriers detected at airports.

Four Arrivals

According to the announcement, of the four that tested positive upon arrival at a Cyprus airport, two involved an asymptomatic Romanian couple that permanently reside on the island and who returned on Wednesday.

The third is a local who flew into Cyprus from Italy via Athens on Wednesday, also asymptomatic. The fourth, also local and asymptomatic, had returned from Manchester on Tuesday.

Four got tested at their own initiative

Of the total of four new cases that involved people who took the initiative to get tested, two were locals who shouldered the cost of a test after developing symptoms.

The second is a Russian national who permanently resides on the island, and who got tested despite having no symptoms or travel history.

The third is an Indonesian national permanently residing in Cyprus, also asymptomatic and without a history of travel. He got tested at the request of the company for which he works.

Three contacts

One of the three contacts of other known cases that were identified on Thursday was located through the health ministry’s contact tracing efforts, while the remaining two who are also contacts of another known case took the initiative to get tested.

Two more

The remaining two new cases announced on Thursday involved a person who got tested prior to receiving a hospital service, and another who was referred for a test by his GP after developing symptoms, and who recently travelled to Zimbabwe.

The new cases brought the total in the Republic of Cyprus to 1,208.

Currently, the Famagusta general hospital is treating four coronavirus patients in a general ward, described as being in a stable, good condition.


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