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Spain to recognize Palestinian territories as state by July

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez outlines plans during Middle East tour, anticipating EU consensus


Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced today that Spain is set to recognize the Palestinian territories as a state by July. The declaration came during his Middle East tour, according to reports from Spanish press agencies.

Sanchez, while in Amman for the first leg of his tour, reportedly made unofficial remarks to accompanying journalists, as detailed by state agency EFE and newspapers El Pais and La Vanguardia. He emphasized the significance of upcoming developments in the region, particularly with the European elections in June and ongoing UN processes.

The Prime Minister highlighted Spain's intention to extend recognition to Palestinians by July, anticipating a growing consensus among European Union members to adopt a similar stance. This move aligns with agreements made during the European Council meeting in March, where Sanchez, alongside leaders from Ireland, Malta, and Slovenia, pledged to initiate recognition of statehood for Palestinian territories, including the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Israel has criticized these plans, condemning them as "rewarding terrorism" and potentially undermining prospects for a negotiated resolution to the Gaza conflict. However, last November, at a meeting in Spain, both Arab states and the EU reaffirmed support for a two-state solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Source: AMP

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