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Student protests spread across US universities over Israel-Hamas conflict (vid)

Demonstrations against the Israel-Hamas war erupt at universities across the U.S., including Columbia, USC, and UCLA


Student protests have erupted at colleges nationwide over the Israel-Hamas conflict. It began with over 100 demonstrators arrested at Columbia University last week. Now, other campuses are joining, urging universities to sever ties with companies supporting Israel in Gaza and, in some cases, with Israel itself.

At Columbia, clashes broke out between pro-Palestinian students and police over a tent camp. Talks between the university and protesters continue amid high tensions.

USC canceled its main graduation ceremony due to intense protests, with dozens arrested and occasional violence.

But the unrest isn't confined to USC and Columbia. Students at the University of Texas at Austin, George Washington University, Harvard, Yale, and others are also protesting. They demand their schools divest from Israel and support pro-Palestinian causes.

These protests have led to police confrontations, arrests, and campus closures, showing a growing student solidarity with Palestine. Now, UCLA has joined the list of campuses where students are making their voices heard.

[Source: AP, Los Angeles Times and ABC News]

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