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Students in shock after angry dad incident

Teacher, classmates hide student when angry father barges in at a Nicosia primary school


Police have received a formal complaint about a couple who walked to a primary school looking for a pupil who had an argument with their son.

According to Alpha News, a young student at an elementary school in rural Nicosia had an argument with a classmate on Wednesday afternoon. At one point, one of the boys took out a mobile phone and threatened the other one that he would call his parents to come and kill him.

According to Eleni Michael, the president of Parents Association for Primary Education, the boy actually made that phone call.

One of the boys took out a mobile phone and threatened the other one that he would call his parents to come and kill him

“The child called his dad and his dad came to the school and barged in. The teacher told them to leave but they wouldn’t, so the teacher and the other kids decided to hide the other boy,” Michael said.

Michael, who went on Alpha TV on Thursday, said that the incident took place at 3pm but nobody called police until later, when she personally contacted authorities around 6pm.

The parents, mother and father, were reportedly walking into different classrooms with the angry dad calling the other boy’s name out.

“XX, where are you, come out,” he was heard calling out.

Michael also said that all the children there were in utter shock, including her daughter who could not sleep in the night.

Not clear if bullying was involved

Sources said the other boy may have struck the son of the couple, but it was not fully clear from media reports whether bullying was involved.

Michael also said the family is having difficulties and their child, the boy who called them to come to school, may be facing psychological issues.

“The family has issues, we all know it, and the school knows it,” Michael said, adding that the parents rejected advice to seek help.

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