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Speeder gets speedy trial in Larnaca

Larnaca prosecutors squeeze a few days behind bars before speeding driver's suspended sentence


A young man ended up spending some time in jail before getting a 30 day suspended sentence for driving three times the limit on a Larnaca road.

A European male, aged 22, was sentenced to one month with a three year suspension, after he was found guilty for driving 146 kilometres on Tassou Papadopoulou Avenue in Larnaca, where the speed limit was 50.

The driver was initially detained last Friday, February 8, when traffic police clocked him doing 90 miles in a 30 mile zone. He was taken down to the local police station where charges were pressed against him and then he was released.

The following day he appeared for his arraignment at the Larnaca District Court where he admitted to the speeding charges. Following new guidelines for speedy trials for speeders, a fact-finding hearing was scheduled for Tuesday.

The driver was ordered behind bars until the next hearing on February 12, and on Wednesday, evidence was presented in court with the driver being sentenced to 30 days suspended for three years and 6 penalty points added to his licence.

It is understood that the driver ended up racking up a few days behind bars before the speedy trial was over.

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