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Dherynia riot suspects face judge

Two remanded in custody, four others arrested, as police investigate Dherynia checkpoint incident


Six male suspects are in custody over the Dherynia checkpoint riot on Sunday, when hooded men stormed into the buffer zone shouting anti-Turkish slogans and causing property damage.

Police said four suspects were detained on Tuesday in connection with the Dherynia checkpoint riot on Sunday evening.

The suspects, aged 41, 29, 22, and 21, were scheduled to appear before a local judge on Wednesday, while two other suspects aged 27 and 25 were already remanded for three days earlier in the same case.

President Nicos Anastasiades condemned the incident and called on the public to show restraint, saying such actions justify long-standing claims made by Turkey

Around 250 demonstrators gathered near the Dherynia checkpoint in Famagusta district, Sunday evening around 7:20pm, chanting anti-Turkish slogans, such as “Cyprus is Greek” and “Turks, Mongols, murderers.”

Reports said no permit had been issued for the demonstration, believed to have been carried out by fans of a local football club in Famagusta.

A video posted online showed rioters with their faces covered holding baseball bats and breaching a gated entrance at the checkpoint.

Reports also said a fire had broken out near the checkpoint caused by fireworks used by the protesters, while damages were reported on security cameras in the area as well as other security apparatus.

President Nicos Anastasiades has condemned the incident and called on the public to show restraint, saying such actions justify long-standing claims made by Turkey.

“I consider the incidents that took place last night at the Dherynia checkpoint extremely unacceptable and condemnable,” the president said on Monday.

The riot also made headlines in the north, hours after voters went to the polls to elect the next Turkish Cypriot leader. A runoff election is set to take place on Sunday between the top leading candidates.

CID Famagusta is investigating the Dherynia incident.

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