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Tensions rise yet again in buffer zone amidst UN envoy delay

Occupation regime's strategic moves and Turkish actions near Deryneia fuel concerns as negotiations hang in the balance


Amid the delayed appointment of the UN Secretary General's envoy to the Cyprus problem, the occupation regime persists in targeted maneuvers to sow tension within the buffer zone. Following incidents in Agios Dometios and Pyla, recent actions by the Turkish side near Deryneia prompted renewed representations by the Cyprus Peace Force.

The Government, responding to reports from the Mayor of Dheryneia, clarified that Turkish actions, although not within the buffer zone, are being closely monitored, raising concerns on the Greek Cypriot side.

Moreover, when asked by CNA, UNFICYP spokesperson Aleem Siddique said that they were aware of the concerns that the local Mayor (Deryneia Mayor Andros Karayiannis) had raised and that they investigated the situation.  He stated,  "I can confirm that the status quo inside the buffer remains intact”, noting that all the construction is taking place outside the buffer zone.

According to a report by PhileNews, reports are indicating a deliberate targeting by the Turkish side, aiming to create a scenario of tension that could potentially spark an active crisis on the ground, challenging the buffer zone's status. Various moves by the Turkish side to engage in discussions with the United Nations have been rejected by the Cyprus Peacekeeping Force responsible for the disengagement zone.

In response to questions about the occupation regime's apparent reluctance to retreat from the buffer zone in Pyla and Agios Dometios, the Government Spokesperson emphasized the expectation for the peacekeeping force to uphold its terms of reference and restore the buffer zone's status quo.

Anticipating the Turkish President's visit to Greece, the Republic of Cyprus has positively responded to the UN Secretary General's proposal to appoint an envoy to the Cyprus problem. Maria Ángela Holguín Cuéllar's name has been leaked as Guterres' choice. The government expresses a sincere political will to resume negotiations for a viable and final settlement, emphasizing the commitment to a bizonal bicommunal federation solution with political equality.

Regarding the duration of the envoy's stay in Cyprus, the focus is on a swift appointment to initiate contacts for the prospect of resuming negotiations. Information suggests a possible six-month period, with the hope that sincere political will on both sides will expedite the process.

On the Turkish Cypriot side, Tahsin Ertugruloglu stated a positive response to the UN envoy's appointment, provided that no common ground for a federation is sought. The position is oriented towards finding common ground based on two states, with the envoy's validity proposed for six months.


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