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These are the top 10 airlines by flight cancellations in Europe

The EU is seeking alternatives to ease travel chaos by bringing more workers from abroad

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Mabrian, the travel intelligence platform, has analysed data relating to European airline scheduling over the last few weeks in response to the operating challenges that many are facing and has listed the top ten airlines by flight cancellations in Europe.

every cancellation represents a holiday nightmare for those who have already planned a trip and a loss in revenue for airlines

According to the data provided by Mabrian, the top ten airlines by flight cancellations in Europe are easyJet, Turkish Airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Wizz Air, Vueling, TUI fly, Wizz UK, United, Air Europa, and Saudia, reports.

Commenting on the current situation, Mabrian said that the industry has never seen anything like this.

“Just looking at the top ten by cancellations based on this data, we can see over 2,000 flights cancelled across Europe just for the 1st to July 15th period. We’ve never seen anything like this, and it is a reflection of the labour difficulties that airlines and airports are having right now, making them unable to return to 2019 capacity levels,” the statement of Mabrian reads.

EasyJet cancelled the largest number of flights scheduled between June 14 and June 28.  They rescheduled them to fly between July 1 and 15. The airline cancelled 1394 flights.

Turkish Airlines cancelled 399 flights, Scandinavian Airlines cancelled 145 flights, Wizz cancelled 86 flights, Vueling cancelled 69 flights, TUI fly cancelled 51 flights, Wizz UK cancelled 45 flights, United cancelled 30 flights, Air Europa cancelled 12 flights, and Saudi cancelled 11 flights.

Mabrian said that it is very unusual to see airlines cancelling their scheduled flights at such short notice, right at the peak of the summer season.

However, while the overall number of flights cancelled by easyJet is 1,394, as a percentage of their capacity, it must be pointed out that this is only 5.5 per cent, or one in 20 flights. On the other hand, Turkish Airlines has the highest ratio of cancelled flights, at nearly 7 per cent.

Mabrian emphasised that when we look at the overall numbers in terms of the percentage of the air capacity of an airline, what is noticed is that in many cases, cancellations in relative terms are very low. Of the top ten, the lowest rate has been registered by Air Europa, with under 0.5 per cent of flights cancelled. This means that 199 out of 200 flights are still scheduled to fly.

Yet, every cancellation represents a holiday nightmare for those who have already planned a trip and a loss in revenue for airlines.

“No one is winning here, and clearly, as an industry, we’re a long way from solving the problem,” Mabriaan highlighted.

Previously, reported that the EU seeks alternatives to ease the travel chaos as passengers are facing long waiting queues. The main alternative that the EU aviation companies are considering is to bring more workers from abroad.

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