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Three men in custody over alleged attack in Limassol

Police trying to sift through details and establish identity of fourth suspect who could be living in the north


Three men have been arrested in connection with an alleged attack against a 48-year-old man from Limassol, with police trying to identify a fourth individual who could be residing in the north.

Two men, a 33-year-old Romanian national and a 39-year-old Turkish Cypriot according to CNA News Agency, were remanded into custody for four days during their hearing at Limassol District Court on Wednesday.

A third individual, described as a 47-year-old Turkish Cypriot was also arrested on Wednesday in the south while police told Knews they were trying to identify a fourth suspect, most likely a Turkish Cypriot living in the north.

The 48-year-old man initially chased the men with a baseball bat, described as a metal club, which they managed to take away from him

According to police, a Greek Cypriot local man from Limassol told officers he was attacked by four men in Agridia village, Limassol district, on Tuesday, after seeing them in what he described as a “suspicious vehicle” with a Turkish Cypriot registration plate.

The men in custody deny the allegations. 

Officers who visited the scene later learned that the 48-year-old initially chased the men with a baseball bat, described as a metal club, which they managed to take away from him, according to CNA.

The Greek Cypriot man, who was initially taken to the hospital in Kyperounda, was later transported to Nicosia General Hospital where doctors could not confirm any visible injuries.

The man was reportedly unable to explain what had happened to him, with reports saying he was in shock.

The 47-year-old suspect is expected to appear in court on Thursday for his remand hearing, according to police.

A police spokesperson told Knews he could neither confirm nor deny whether the individuals in custody resided in the north or were living in the south in the Republic of Cyprus. 

The fourth suspect, according to police, could be living in the north and his name will be blacklisted as soon as his identity is established.


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