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Turkish President inaugurates new runway in occupied territories (video)

Amid celebrations, President Erdogan announces 'joyful news' on black anniversary

Newsroom / CNA

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan arrived in the occupied territories at noon today from the illegal airport in occupied Tybos. He gave remarks at the inauguration of the new runway.

During his visit to the pseudo-state, which coincides with the black anniversary of the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974, President Erdogan is expected to share some "joyful news," as reported by T/C media.As part of his agenda, Erdogan will meet with the Turkish Cypriot leader to discuss Turkey-Pseudo-state relations "in all aspects," as well as the latest developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and exchange views on the Cyprus issue.Later in the afternoon, the traditional parade in occupied Nicosia will take place for the first time at 18:00, with both the Turkish Cypriot leader and the Turkish President present. Erdogan is also scheduled to address a special anniversary session of the "parliament."The celebrations in the occupied territories commenced yesterday with 21 shots fired and a speech by Ersin Tatar on "Bayrak" TV. A "vigil" was also held on the beach of the landing at Five Mile (Pende Mille).

Throughout the day, events and wreath-laying ceremonies will be held in various towns and villages in the occupied territories, commemorating the anniversary of the Turkish invasion.

Regarding the new "airport," the Turkish Ministry of Transport announced that it has a larger passenger capacity. With a new runway spanning 3,100 meters compared to the existing 2,755-meter one, the airport is suitable for all types of passenger aircraft.

Additionally, the new "airport" boasts 30 aircraft parking areas, including nine bellows and 21 open parking spaces. It also provides services with a closed parking area, accommodating up to 1500 cars and equipped with modern facilities.

Construction of the new "airport" began a decade ago and was completed in 2022.

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