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UN expert accuses Israel of starving Palestinians

Allegations of war crimes as Israel withholds food from Palestinians


The UN's top expert on the right to food, Michael Fakhri, accuses Israel of deliberately starving Palestinians, labeling it as both war crimes and genocide.

Fakhri highlights severe shortages in Gaza, affecting 2.2 million Palestinians due to destroyed food supplies and restricted humanitarian aid flow. Israeli actions, including firing at aid trucks, exacerbate the crisis.

As The Guardian reports, Fakhri emphasizes the intentional deprivation of food, equating it to a war crime and genocide. Malnutrition rates among children are alarming, with one in six infants acutely malnourished in northern Gaza alone.

Gaza's malnutrition crisis worsens, with 95% of households limiting meals. The situation is dire, as 90% of children under five suffer from infectious diseases.

Israel's military attacks compound the suffering, with 5% of children under two acutely malnourished in Rafah. The crisis accelerates, with half of Gazans already food insecure before the conflict.

Fakhri condemns the suspension of aid to Gaza by several countries, exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

Despite UNRWA's efforts, Gaza faces a dire shortage of basic services. Israel's crackdown extends beyond Gaza, impacting Palestinians' access to food and water in the West Bank.

The destruction of olive trees in the West Bank symbolizes the broader assault on Palestinian identity.

Fakhri criticizes Israel's actions, stressing the need for peace and accountability. Israel's government declined to comment on Fakhri's accusations.

[With information sourced from The Guardian]

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