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Unclaimed luggage reveals shocking 42kg drug haul at Larnaca airport

Authorities sound alarm over growing drug threat


Yesterday, a significant quantity of narcotics was discovered in two unclaimed suitcases at Larnaca Airport.

Specifically, 42 kilograms and 950 grams of plant material known as khat, which is classified as a narcotic substance, were found in the two bags.

The suitcases arrived at Larnaca Airport from a foreign country on February 25, 2024, without being claimed by any individual. During the process of their return to the country of origin yesterday, customs officials at the airport conducted a search, leading to the discovery of the narcotics.

The seized narcotics have been handed over to the Larnaca District Drug Law Enforcement Unit, which is currently investigating the case.

[With information sourced from 24 News]

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